Make It: Painted Patterned Pumpkins!

Make It: Painted Patterned Pumpkins!

These pretty painted patterned pumpkins (say that ten times fast!) are inspired by bold textiles like Suzani fabrics, Missoni, and traditional Indonesian Ikat.  While the source material may be classic, these pumpkins are anything but!  


Alisa Burke created these gorgeous painted pumpkins as a long-lasting and eye-catching alternative to traditional carved pumpkins.  While each pattern is unique enough to hold its own, I love the way they look all grouped together!  (Although, if I had to pick, the Ikat one is my fave--what's yours?)  Check out more of Alisa's textile-patterned pumpkins on her blog Redefine Creativity!

Looking for more no-carve pumpkin ideas?  Check out some of our faves right here... oh, and here!

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