Make It: A Modern Felt Stool Cushion

Make It: A Modern Felt Stool Cushion

If you're thinking "Hey, that kinda looks like one of those IKEA stools!", you would be correct.  It's the ubiquitous Frosta Stool, one of the most hackable of IKEA products, but this playful felt cushion takes it up a notch--or ten, really, because it's that awesome!  

created at: 10/19/2011

Hetty from the blog Light Blue Grey recently created this custom Frosta Stool for a friend.  After painting the stool, she cut three layers of wool felt to-size, leaving decorative circles in the middle.  The felt pads were then attached by drilling small holes in the top of the stool and stitching through all the layers with thick embroidery thread.  The resulting Xs are both decorative and functional, keeping the felt in place without the use of adhesives!  Great job, Hetty!

Check out more of this fun IKEA stool makeover over on Light Blue Grey!

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