Make It: Festive No-Sew Bunting!

Make It: Festive No-Sew Bunting!

Add a pop of color and a good dose of cheer to your next celebration with this easy, no-sew bunting!  


Whether you're throwing a holiday shindig, celebrating a birthday, or just want to jazz up the joint, this bunting garland is for you.  Using simple, inexpensive materials is only the icing on the cake for this DIY project from the creative people at Project Wedding.  So, put your party shoes on and let's get this thing started!

created at: 10/17/2011


  • tissue paper (choose colors that match your event or decor--or go nuts with every color in the rainbow!)
  • glue stick
  • string
  • scissors

When you're ready to kick of the festivities and go crazy with some bunting, head over to Project Wedding for the easy-to-follow tutorial!

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