How to Make Spooky Spider Sacks

How to Make Spooky Spider Sacks

These DIY spider sacs look like they're straight out of Arachnophobia. You know that scene where Jeff Daniels tries to kill the huge egg sac with an aerosol can and a lighter?? (After that a nail gun makes an appearance, which is just another reason I love this movie.*) Fire out of a can AND power tools used as weapons?! I'm so there. These spider sacs, however, aren't homes to Amazonian arachnids but dime store spiders.

Other stuff we'll need to make them include white yarn, craft glue and small balloons, and that's it! For the entire tutorial, head on over to Modern Parents Messy Kids.

*Also John Goodman's performance as intrepid exterminator Delbert McClintock. 

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