From Log to Luxe: A DIY Timber Bathroom Vanity

From Log to Luxe: A DIY Timber Bathroom Vanity

So, what do you do with a giant piece of leftover, rough cut fir timber?  Turn it into a modern floating bathroom vanity, of course!  

created at: 10/10/2011

Marci Moe of the blog Timber and Lace did just that.  After some exterior work on her house, she was left with a sizable chunk of timber.  Not wanting it to go to waste, she put her wood working skills to the test and set about creating this gorgeous floating vanity.  The result is equal parts rustic and modern, with a dash of swanky boutique hotel--I love it!  Great job, Marci!

Check out more photos and details about the process over on Timber and Lace!

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CapreeK on Oct 10, 2011:

Lorna - I think you're on the wrong post! If you're trying to enter our giveaway, head over to Bruno's post right here. :)

Lorna E on Oct 10, 2011:

What a tease...you say to read on for how to enter, then there is no link to do so!

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