Welcome, Spring! + Beadboard Trim Question

I know that spring hasn't officially arrived yet, but with the weather we've been having, it doesn't really matter:) We've enjoyed temps in the 60s to mid-70's - wonderful!

Welcome, Spring! + Beadboard Trim Question
This week, along with crafting, I've been working on the wall in the dining room (our friend didn't make it last weekend, so I've taken on the project afterall:-) ). It's really coming along nicely despite hubs worries that there would be unsightly seams. Because our dining room walls had already been textured with a special " old pitted wall" effect back last year (before I decided that door in the dining room really shouldn't be there), there was a concern that we'd never be able to blend the new part of wall in with the old wall. Also, it seems like the drywall of nowadays is just a tad bit thinner than the drywall of 30 years ago. It could just be me. It has been a little tricky, I'll admit. I've had to slowly build up layers of drywall mud over the last few days, making sure to allow a layer for my texture technique and a final sanding layer. I've have that final layer to add tomorrow, then I'll sand it all nice a smooth, with a few pits here and there. We'll be ready to prime that section of the wall this week in preparation for PAINT - finally! We primed the rest of our dining room and kitchen well over a year ago.

I've spent a lot of time outside this week as well. We live on an acre and 3/4 of that is our backyard. So I've had a lot of fenceline pruning to tackle. After the first day of pruning, I felt like I had been run over by a truck! Whew!

About the beadboard, I would love to know or see photos of how you've trimmed out the chair rail for your beadboard/wainscotting in your own home. We are not yet ready to install the beadboard, but now that we are finishing up the kitchen walls, I'm thinking ahead to the kind of trim we'll use throughout the house. For baseboards, door trim, and window trim, we're just using simple, flat pine boards, (see dining room window trim). So we want to stay in keeping with this simple "farmhouse" style. I'd love to have a picture ledge but hubs thinks it would stick out too far. I don't know. Ooh, but while researching this topic and searching for inspiration photos, I found this one! The yellow is the shade of my living room and what will also be in our scary hallway. This photo gives me a great idea of what the beadboard is going to look like in our hallway and living room and I love it! It's so fresh and cheerful! Even the flooring is a similar shade to what we've bought. I had reservations about beadboarding the lower portion of the living room walls, but after another awful season of winter blues, I know I need a lot of light reflective white in my home, and being surrounded by warm and homey beadboard will be so cozy.

I hope everyone has a nice and safe weekend! After this beautiful week of delicious weather, we get rain tomorrow...pfft!

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