How To: Bat Craft Crazy

Bat chandelier at Pottery Barn Kids

I have bats. Not in my house, thank goodness, but in my yard. We see them flying in their ungainly way amongst the treetops at twilight. They are always welcome, but at this time of year, when the wee beasties become a bit more scarce and hibernation is around the corner, the bats make fewer visits. Good thing there is bat crafts to fill the void. 

The chandelier pictured above was actually a Pottery Barn Kids item. Although it doesn't seem to be available this season, it could be easily knock-offed. Wood embroidery hoops painted black, felt bats, black pom-poms and some black string a you'd be good to go. (Spotted at Posh Posh.)

If PB's chandy is a bit to fussy, here's a simple alternative from Holidash. Follow this link to read how to make it, and for bat templates, check this out. 

created at: 10/05/2011

A branch, some monofiliment and bats. I LOVE it. Here's a link to a slideshow of the project.

bat tree

My fellow bat lovers may want to skip the traditional Jack-o-Lantern and go with these mini pumpkin bats.

created at: 10/05/2011

If you'd rather wear your bats, then you must make this Bat Headband from Martha. (This one is definately on my to-do list!)


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