Make This: A Luminous Faceted Pendant Light

Make This: A Luminous Faceted Pendant Light

Remember those folded up fortune-tellers from your elementary school days? Some kids called them cootie-catchers, but I never really understood the method behind the madness with that one. But I digress, because paper folding prowess was not in vain.  

created at: 10/12/2011

Take a longing glance at this beautiful DIY faceted pendant sphere, completely covered in small fortune tellers! This project requires little more than printer paper and patience to complete, and would look stunning in an entry, a hallway, or a dining room. Visit the 3 Rs blog for a full how-to and get to folding!

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DesigningMom on Oct 17, 2011:

OH wow! Who'd have thunk back in junior high that those little fortune tellers we all made would someday come in so handy for gorgeous home decor!

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