DIY Halloween Party Decor

DIY Halloween Party Decor

Last year was the first year I actually decorated for Halloween, and it was only my T.V. stand (which didn't have a television yet...) and my kitchen table.  I'm daring, I know.  But I couldn't resist doing something after seeing these simple and amazingly cheap decor ideas.   Blair at Wise Craft was asked to create and style a Halloween photo session, and came through with some clever stuff.  These are great kitschy party ideas, and I know my kids love them.  I about died over the spray-painted ceramic figures (which every thrift store has an overabundance of, seriously) that looked so diabolical with their red eyes.  I did this to a quail, which was far less sinister and a little more hilarious, but still a fun addition to our decor.

created at: 10/03/2011

To see her full photo shoot set-up (including an orange door!), head over to Wise Craft.  All her projects and their instructions are found on the Value Village website.

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