GENIUS Ribbon Organization Idea

Ribbon organizer

The most simple things really are the most genius. In this case, Halsey took one of those hole-y bins, ran a couple of 1/4" dowel lengths through it, threaded said dowels through the holes in her ribbon spools and then threaded the ribbon through the adjacent holes. Her total cost for the project? $3.12. Genius. Head on over to Spunky Junky to read more.

Spotted at Oh! Crafts.

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DesigningMom on Sep 27, 2011:

What a cute idea. I used to have mine in little tray type shelves on the front of my pegboard storage cabinet, but I gave the cabinet up to use to store hand held power tools so the trays now hold accessories. I just may have to find some of these baskets for my ribbons now. Thanks Maven!

Rebecca - A Daily Something on Sep 26, 2011:

I've been brainstorming for ideas on storing my ribbon and this is brilliant.  Thank you so much!! 

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