Dramatic Bistro Kitchen Makeover

Dramatic Bistro Kitchen Makeover

Isabella's kitchen was cramped and totally forgettable. With the help of designer Cameron MacNeil, it's now open and inviting with a contemporary bistro feel. Some of the makeover highlights include marble countertops, a drawer dishwasher, a chalkboard wall and two vintage Spanish bronze chandeliers. Another interesting choice was to eliminate the ubiquitous kitchen table and to add a large eat-at island. To see the entire makeover, including some kitchen makeover tips from Cameron, visit this page on H & H.

created at: 09/26/2011

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cattus on Sep 22, 2012:

Yuck. It looked better before the makeover.

Ragh on Jan 16, 2012:

I liked the one before makeover. It looked quite cozy. After makeover it looks functional but boring! just my thoughts neway!!!

Murmate on Dec 06, 2011:

It's not even look the same kitchen. Change the color and style totally make everything change! Love it!!! 

Teri on Sep 27, 2011:

I'm speechless!  This is one of the best kitchen makeovers I've seen in awhile!  I especially love the chandelier touch!  Bellisima!

andria ryan on Sep 27, 2011:

I remodelled my kitchen seeing the picture in the post and video on Houseandhome.I can assure you that results are good as the look and feel completely changed inside my kitchen.

DesigningMom on Sep 26, 2011:

Wow what a difference!

Anonymous on Sep 26, 2011:

Stunning... I cant figure out why you want to get rid of a window?

Anonymous on Sep 26, 2011:

Tremendous improvement!  Functional and handsome; this is a pleasure to look at and I'm sure it is a pleasure to work in.  Well done!

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