FREE On-Line Tile Calculator

FREE On-Line Tile Calculator

Most free on-line tile estimators are simply calculators. Enter length and width of a room and it spits out how many square feet of tile you need, not taking into consideration grout lines or tile pattern. All-in-all, these estimators have been pretty lame. Until now, that is. Ceramic-Tile-Floor has come up with a offering that helps you gauge all your tiling materials in 6 easy steps.

The Steps

1. First, the program asks you to pick your room shape. These include ‘L’, ‘T’, and rectangle shapes.

2. You’ll then enter your room’s size.

3. Next, you’ll be able to alter the shape of your walls, if you have a tricky angle or two.

4. Now, select your tile. This includes thickness of the tile, thickness of your desired grout lines, the grid of your pattern (including diamond, brick–or running bond–and others) size of the tile, and, finally, border, if you have one.

5. In this step, you have the option of plopping down non-tile areas, like kitchen cabinets and islands. Very cool!

6. To finish up, you’ll click ‘report’ and a very handy summary, which estimates your tile as well as grout and mastic/thin-set, will be supplied.

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bruno on Mar 09, 2007:

Sweet tip Maven!

McFly on Mar 09, 2007:

This is awesome! I've seen a lot of estimators and this one is best by far.

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