Make It: Wood Cutting Boards

Make It: Wood Cutting Boards

If you can peel your eyes from that yummy Baguette and Brie, you'll notice the shapely cutting board beneath it.  It was made completely by hand, and it is easy enough for you to do to.   Centsational Girl shows how to bust out your DIY skills, along with a jig-saw and some mineral oil, to make a simple-yet-necessary addition to the kitchen.  The natural wood is so much more attractive than my questionable plastic number I'm rockin' in my kitchen.

created at: 09/20/2011

The great thing about using a jig saw is that you can do practically any simple and shapely design you want.  I think that drilling a hole in the center of that handle would be great for hanging it up- after all, with something DIY, I'd like to have it where I could show it off!

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