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Eye Candy: 5 Unique and Gorgeous Range Hoods

by on Sep 16, 2011

I’ve just realized something. My range hood is goofy. It’s one of those microwave/vent combos. It’s relatively new. It’s absolutely conveinent. It’s still goofy. Of course I wouldn’t have made this realization if I hadn’t decided to put together an Eye Candy post about range hoods. Oh, well. I hope you enjoy them, and if they make you reassess your range hood too, my apologies. 

The one pictured above from Elica is called ‘Star’ and, yes, it’s a chandelier/hood combo. 

Also from Elica is this more traditional-looking lamp arrangement. It’s called ‘Grace’. (BTW, mine is called Gee E.)

created at: 09/16/2011

There’s a company called Pando that makes very artfully executed range hoods. Here’s just one example from their Colourlife collection; it’s called ‘Watermark’:

created at: 09/16/2011

Futuro Futuro is another manufacturer that’s rocking both design and function to perfection. This little item is called ‘Murano Moonlight’, and it’s on sale right now for a cool $1,995.00.

Wall Range Hood 27

Also from Futuro Futuro is the ‘Black Pearl’. (Argh!) It clocks in at $3,595. That last one doesn’t seem so expensive now, does it? 😉

Island Range Hood 30