Tour the REAL 'UP!' House

Tour the REAL 'UP!' House

A developer in the Salt Lake City area has recreated Carl and Ellie's house from 'Up!', with permission of Disney, of course. Yes, it's a real house--all 2,800 square feet of it--and it's for sale for $399,000. As The Disney Blog points out, only a few rooms were depicted in the film, so the developer had to use some imagination to finish the rest of the home. To take peek at the inside, check out this video tour:

For more information about the home, visit The Disney Blog. And if you're in the Salt Lake City area and would like to tour the home, check out www.saltlakeparade.com.

P.S. I bawled like a baby for the first half hour of Up! At one point my boo turned to me and asked, "When does it get happy??"

P.P.S. Squirrel! 

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