Easy Art Idea: Make Framed Branches

Easy Art Idea: Make Framed Branches

With the cooler weather moving into most parts of the continent, it is a good time to tackle all those tree branch projects we've seen here on Curbly.  Today I've got an easy and eye-pleasing project to add to your to-make list.  

Tracie at Cleverly Inspired shares how she turned some garage sale items into a fabulous piece of fall/winter art. 

created at: 09/06/2011

I know this project can be completely free if you already have a frame you like taking up space around the house.  Just take a staple gun to some of your salvaged tree branches and you've got art!

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wood railing on Sep 10, 2012:

nice work! check out Mountain Laurel Handrails for a similar style!

Anonymous on May 09, 2012:

If I ever get around to it I would like to try a darker frame with white birch branches.

fivekitten on Mar 13, 2012:

Perfect! I'm totally broke and need two frames fill to help stage my dad's home we're putting on the market.  Wanted my two frames on top of each other with space inbetween with the trunk of the tree on the bottom frame and top of the tree on the top frame. (Also looking for fabric, pictures, greeting cards, can't find anything!!! But really wanted a budding tree in this spot.) And this is the PERFECT solution! Thank you for posting this! You made my morning!

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