Make It: A Rolling Coffee Table with Hidden Storage!

Make It: A Rolling Coffee Table with Hidden Storage!

Roll out!  Or roll away.  Or roll open, shut, or partially closed at a jaunty angle.  All this (and more!) is possible with this colorful DIY coffee table.  Say goodbye to storage woes, my friends... and just keep rollin'.  

First things first, the instructions for this DIY project are in... Dutch.  BUT, it's so simple, that even the sketchy Google Translate results are enough to figure everything out.  Plus, c'mon, creativity knows no bounds, right?  Right.

created at: 09/14/2011

Dutch home and lifestyle site "101 Woonideeën" (which roughly translates to "101 Living Ideas") created this simple rolling coffee table using the following:

  • 2 Besta cabinets from IKEA
  • 8 rolling casters
  • 2 back flap hinges
  • 2 decorative knobs
  • primer and paint in your choice of colors
  • sand paper

The step-by-step photo tutorial on their site is super clear and easy to follow, so head on over to 101 Woonideeën for more on this colorful coffee table project!

[via Brittni Mehlhoff]

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