Gots to Getcha a GorillaPod.

by on Mar 3, 2007

Imagine this: 

You’re about to complete the ultimate Curbly How-To DIY post, and you think, “Man! Wouldn’t it be sweet if I could hang my camera from the ceiling, and take a photo of me actually working on it?!”

Or, you’re planning to scale Mt. Rainier, and you know you’ll want a photo of you and your backpacking buddies, but there’s no way you’re gonna lug a tripod in your pack for 14,410 feet.

Or, if you’re not totally allergic to all things furry (like me), and you’d love to turn your camera to video mode, and wrap it around your fuzzy friend’s neck for a pet’s-eye-view of you DIY decorated home.

Enter the GorillaPod, the coolest item you’ll never be able to DIY.

A camera wrapped around a small tree trunk.

I don’t shop at Best Buy, but I had a $20 gift card left from Christmas, and after hours of looking for something I couldn’t buy elsewhere, I found the GorillaPod. This dude can hang upside down and sideways and slantways and longways and backways and squareways and frontways and any other ways that you can think of. Best of all, it functions like a normal tripod on flat surfaces, for all those closeup, advert-quality photos of your latest DIY adventure.

The GorillaPod is made by Joby, a small company from California, which commits 1% of their sales to the natural environment. It’s fun to see little companies invent products so excellent that chains such as Best Buy, MicroCenter, and REI are happy to carry them.

And it actually looks Gorilla-ish.