How To: Cereal Specimen Art

How To: Cereal Specimen Art

Cereal Specimen Art.  Need I say more?  Since this month on Curbly we've been concentrating on the kitchen, I just could not pass up the opportunity to share this hilarious idea for the dry cereal connoisseur in your life.Specimen Art is not a new concept- people have had dead bugs or leaf samples tacked to their walls for centuries, I'm sure.  I've seen people use scrapbook paper for lots of different things lately.  But dry cereal?  With scientific names?  Awesome on so many levels.  Especially for a food-centered room!  While the "Latin names" are made-up, it still makes the whole art piece work.  I mean, "Regulatus" for Bran Flakes?  I die.

created at: 08/30/2011

Get the whole tutorial and purpose behind this funny feature at Simple Simon & Co.  I think I'm off to channel my inner nerd and do this for my cereal-loving husband.

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