DIY Idea: Make a Decorative Ampersand!

DIY Idea: Make a Decorative Ampersand!

...or whatever character your heart desires.  Love the letter "C"?  The number "5"?  This easy DIY decor project is customizable, great looking, and practically free!  

created at: 08/22/2011

Using scrap wood, nails, and string, blogger and craft lover Elise Blaha created this charming decorative ampersand.  I love that it's modern and rustic all at once!  Plus, what home wouldn't look great with a little typographic flair?  To get started on your own, gather up the following:

  • 1-2 inch thick piece of wood (Elise's is 24x24" square)
  • lots of nails
  • string - any color you want
  • paper for creating a template

When you're ready, check out the full tutorial on Elise's blog enJOY it!

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Michelle on Nov 12, 2011:

This would make such a unique gift, thanks for the how to

CapreeK on Aug 23, 2011:

Gerardo - Those are fantastic, nice work!  I love the white and red combo. :)

Gerardo on Aug 23, 2011:

Nice work! Love the wood color and the natural look. I made a similar projects (1 and 2) few months ago but I painted the wood piece in white to contrast with the red string. I definitely should give a try to the barnished wood version

CapreeK on Aug 22, 2011:

I agree, they are the loveliest!  As for where to put it, if you don't have room for a 2 by 2 foot version like this, you can always scale it to suit your needs!  If you end up making one, be sure to post some photos. :)

StellaBella on Aug 22, 2011:

Love this so much! I feel like I need a late pass, but ampersands are really the loveliest! Brainstorming on where I could do this project....

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