DIY Clock Idea

DIY Clock Idea

This clock, available at The Museum Shop of the Art Institute Chicago, is called the Do-It-Yourself Flower Wall Clock. The DIY thing about it is that you arrange the petals in any way you choose. However, those petals really reminded me of the toilet paper roll wall art pictured below. Couple those with some hints from Chris's asterisk clock tutorial and we truly would have a DIY Flower Wall Clock and for a lot less money than the $88 this one costs. For more info, visit TMS at AIC.


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Gina (Lady Goats) on Aug 18, 2011:

The thing about the TP art is that you can't do the different sizes or the solid shapes. What *I* would do is roll out some air dry clay and cut out the shapes (or make a mold for resin, probably better results, but a lot more time consuming). Maybe even shrinky dinks (is that how it's spelled!) Just cut one the full size of the page, and then one from inside that, and one from inside that! It might take a few pages, but you could get it all in there.

Bethany on Aug 17, 2011:

Clever thinking!  You've got my wheels turning.  Thank you!

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