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Paprika For Your Peas: Baby Food Jars Repurposed

by on Aug 16, 2011

I’m a mother.  And we’ve been through the baby food stage twice, so far.  If I had saved all the baby food jars from our kiddos, we could have an entire room dedicated to Baby Food Jar Spice Racks.  Thankfully, I’m not that crazy, but I did find a few interesting ways to use the finished jar of peas in a new way.  Take, for instance, the colorful and magnetic jars above, from Dav.i.son.  Which one of these ideas is your favorite?  

created at: 08/16/2011

This frugal mom put them in a drawer, and labeled the lids.  Chalkboard paint made it easy to write on the tops, and they can be easily changed too.  I am worried my kids would come up with a fun new activity if they discovered a drawer full of spices, though.

created at: 08/16/2011

How about building a custom rack for those jars?  Monica’s first spice rack attempt was slightly off on measurements, so she built this instead.  Though her jars are filled with buttons, she explains the process as if for a spice rack.

created at: 08/16/2011

Do you stick to Lazy Susan spice racks?  This mom used a baby food carousel (I didn’t even know they had those…) and made her own spinning spice rack.  You could get really creative with your spice labels too, if you are making your own custom rack.

created at: 08/16/2011

David used canning jars, about the same size as baby food jars, for his spice wall.  Using a super powerful magnet, his spices are displayed in all their colorful glory.  The labels are less accessible on the sides, but the color effect is charming. (via the kitchn)

These ideas aren’t only for people with babies.  Since they can be used in so many different ways post smashed peas, used jars can be found on online classifieds, from co-workers, friends, and from your sister’s friend’s old roomate.  Just ask around!

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