How to Turn T-Shirts into a Rug

How to Turn T-Shirts into a Rug

Laura wanted a rug for her unborn bambino's nursery, but having more time on her hands than cash, she decided to make one using strips of old t-shirts, pictured above. Here's what the finished project looks like (both rug and baby):    

created at: 08/15/2011

If we'd like to tackle this project ourselves, here's what we'll need:


  • Latch hook canvas
  • latch hook tool
  • old t-shirts
  • scissors or rotary cutting tool/mat
  • seam binding
  • masking tape
  • dye (Laura dyed her t-shirt strips gray, but this is entirely optional)
For the entire tutorial and story behind the rug, scoot on over to Xoelle.


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DIY Maven on Aug 20, 2011:

@Sarah e, was wondering the same thing myself!

Sarah e on Aug 19, 2011:

How do you clean it?

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