Yard Sticks in the Kitchen? Yessiree.

Yard Sticks in the Kitchen?  Yessiree.

I don't know about you, but I grew up with a few of these (except the sewing version) floating around the house, due to my mom being a professional seamstress.  Now that she's upgraded to fancy metal ones, I almost wish we would have kept some of her old wood yard sticks so I could use them for a project... in the kitchen?  

During a kitchen re-dec process, Ashley was at a loss as to what to use as a backsplash against her new butcher block counters.  She walked around the hardware store and light bulbs started flashing when she saw the pile of wood measuring sticks off to the side. 

created at: 08/09/2011

And a backsplash was born.

The ruler look is an unexpected surprise in her kitchen, and is actually very subtle (not to mention inexpensive!).  I'm a fan, fimply because of my roots.  To see how Ashley whipped this out check out her blog.  To see her whole kitchen, you can visit the kitchn for a tour (and this is further ammunition to use in a heated marital debate that globes can belong in the kitchen. Go see for yourself!).

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