How to Make a Quatrefoil Lantern

How to Make a Quatrefoil Lantern

Nike had been pining over a lantern she'd seen at Ballard Design. The pricetag, however, was a little steep ($59-$79), so Nike decided to make one. You'll never guess what she used to do it either. Have an idea? To see if you guessed right, take a look at the supplies list:     

  • a glue gun and glue
  • thumb tacks
  • an old key ring or wire, etc.
  • scissors
  • craft knife
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • black spray paint
  • 4 sheets of white vellum
  • 1 sheet of yellow/cream vellum
  • Nike's PDF of the lantern pattern
  • 2 cardboard cereal boxes

Yup, it's made out of CEREAL BOXES! And she even made a faux pillar using the yellow/cream vellum and a battery operated votive candle. For the entire tutorial, head on over to Choose to Thrive.

Discovered at Knock Off Decor


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