Garage Envy

Garage Envy

Apparently one of the fastest growing segments of home remodeling concerns the part of home in which we don’t actually live: the garage.

Oftentimes the first ‘room’ greeted by guests, the underutilized, forlorn garage is having it’s day in the sun. Companies devoted strictly to the beautification of garages are springing up everywhere. They offer kitchen-quality cabinetry with European hinges, specialty organizers–including grid walls and bike hoists–and durable floor coating systems.

One such company, Premier Garage, bills itself as the leader in garage remodeling. Questioning one of their sales representatives at a recent home remodeling show, I was told that a standard 2-stall garage could be transformed in 48 hours for about $5,000. When all is said and done, it would probably look nicer than most people’s kitchens, and for 5 grand, it should.

For more information on Premier Garage and to find a dealer near you, visit www.PremierGarage.com.  

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