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How To: Make Scandinavian-Inspired Hanging Photo Frames!

by on Aug 10, 2011

We’ve featured a few Scandinavian-inspired DIY projects here in the past (remember this gorgeous coat stand?  Or this rag rug-inspired light?), but this may be the simplest and most universally appealing of them all (no Scandinavian cabin required).  

This hanging photo frame project is the creation of brilliant blogger and DIYer Annaleena Karlsson as part of her ongoing series with Emmas Designblogg.  I love how the asymmetrical frames work together to create an unexpected (and truly unique) display.  This arrangement would work well in most any style of home – you could even use colorful rope for a slightly less rustic feel.  Whatever you decide to use, your materials list will go as follows:

  • thin rope
  • 3 photo frames of different sizes
  • black spray paint
  • staple gun
  • 1 big nail, screw, or hook

When you’re ready to start hanging those family photos in a new, creative way, head on over to Emmas Designblogg for the full tutorial!

Psst: Be sure to check out more of Annaleena’s projects and inspiring posts on her blog Annaleenas HEM.

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