T-cycle: T-shirt to Produce Tote

T-cycle: T-shirt to Produce Tote

We are all doing our best to avoid the plastic bags at grocery stores, right?  Instead of buying a reuseable bag at the check-out line, how about thumbing through the closet to bring new purpose to an old wardrobe staple?   Delia of Delia Creates shows how to take old t-shirts and make them into awesome totes for her produce, both at the store and from her garden.  Completely washable, these bags would totally make my time in the produce section a little more tolerable.

created at: 08/04/2011

Although Delia uses a sewing machine, you could still get the same finished product with hand-stitching (and it would be really fun if you used cool contrasting thread!).  For the complete and detailed tutorial, head to her blog.

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