Picture Rail Shoe Rack

Picture Rail Shoe Rack

Make those expensive shoes pull double-duty by turning them into art with picture rail shoe racks. Carrie Bradshaw would adore this, no?? Martha gives us all the details, but a how-to really isn't necessary. Picture-rail molding (cut to size and primed) spaced about a foot apart and attached with finish nails, spackle, touch-up, etc, and you've got it. For more info, head on over to Martha.

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Cecilia on Jun 16, 2012:

Amazing! I would like to do it for my future-come soon home. 

Adeline on Mar 16, 2012:

Thank you for the inspiration! I was blogging about the benefits of using my possessions as decorative accessories instead of hiding them away in my overstuffed closets and saw this on your pintrest board. I love it!  Here is the link If you want to see this and my other ideas.     http://secretsofafrenchhostess.com    Thanks again!

Anonymous on Dec 09, 2011:


DesigningMom on Aug 08, 2011:

Oh my! One could decorate ones whole home this way! giggle Ha! Can you tell I love shoes?

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