This Old Box

This Old Box

Back in 2004, the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House was the home to homes of the future. The expedition was in response to 2004 being the "Year of the Built Environment." Offerings included, among others, an a-frame cardboard house made of 85% recycled materials and was 100% recyclable.

Why a cardboard house? Besides it’s low-environmental impact, its architects see the home as an affordable and mobile alternative to current temporary housing choices. The cardboard house "kit" prices out at about $35,000 and can be assembled Ikea style.

If the thought of living in a chic a-frame cardboard home seems a bit risky–weather-wise–it might comfort you to know that a sail-like skin is applied to the exterior of the home for added water-proofing and wind resistance. The display home, in fact, withstood two 62mph storms while in exhibition, which isn’t bad considering it’s a box.

For more information about the Cardboard House, visit Houses of the Future.

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