Make It: A Mod DIY Fire Extinguisher Vase!

Make It: A Mod DIY Fire Extinguisher Vase!

Should you find yourself with an empty fire extinguisher*, don't just throw it away!  Turn that sucker into a mod-looking vase instead!  

Amanda Wright from Wit & Whistle was gifted an empty fire extinguisher from her "pyromaniac dad", which is pretty cool.  If you don't have an empty fire extinguisher, this idea would work well with loads of other objects, just get creative with your materials!  Once you've found an extinguisher (or whatever you're going to use as a vase), gather up these supplies as well:

  • 1/2″ wide masking tape
  • primer for metal (or glass or plastic, depending on your object)
  • paint brush or sponge brushes
  • 2 acrylic paint colors (spray paint would also work)
  • clear spray sealant (optional)

Then, skip on over to Wit & Whistle for the full tutorial!

*If you are in fact holding an empty fire extinguisher, let's just say I hope everything turned out okay!

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