How to Turn a Music Stand into a Lamp

How to Turn a Music Stand into a Lamp

When I saw Kristine's music stand lamp yesterday, I was on Craigslist about a second later. Besides the stand, all we'd really need to make one is a lamp kit. And a shade, of course. Now for the reveal....   

created at: 08/01/2011

Now that's what I'm talkin' about. LOVE it! For the entire tute, head on over to The Painted Hive.

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zero34 on Aug 02, 2011:

time to visit the music department of an old school, i'm SURE they have a few broken ones just hanging around waiting for someone to snag them up!

craftmel on Aug 01, 2011:

I'm kicking myself for all those broken music stands I have tossed! Amazing creative thinking.

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