Make It: Colorful Paint Swatch Boxes

Make It: Colorful Paint Swatch Boxes

Some would say I have a bit of a "problem" with paint swatches. When I walk into a home improvement store I've got to get my hands on them... with no real plan of painting. When I get home they go into a box in my studio and there they remain. Until now that is, because I just came across these boxes that are perfect for little gifts or organizing office doodads.   

I really like how the boxes look when the base and lid are two separate colors and oriented in different directions. (One swatch will be needed for each, regardless.) So modern and on track with the current color blocking trend!

You'll need paint swatches, double-stick tape, an X-acto knife, ruler, and cutting mat.

How About Orange has the full tutorial and some really helpful diagrams that will have you using up those extra swatches in no time!

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