Make Your Own Stylish Sunglasses Pouch

Make Your Own Stylish Sunglasses Pouch

When I'm not losing a pair of sunglasses to life, I'm losing them to scratches. I am awful at keeping them in a case or pouch while they're not on my head! That means they're in my purse, banging around and scraping up against whatever happens to be floating around in my bag that day. I just couldn't find a pouch that fit my requirements, but then I saw this sweet project idea to make my own!

You'll Need:

  • freezer paper
  • muslin fabric
  • string
  • fabric paint
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • brush
  • paper plate

Pop over to Momtastic for the full-on tutorial, and your sunnies (and mine) will be safe in no time!

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