New Uses for Old Things-The Kitchen Edition!

Juice glass with rubber bands

Real Simple has a superb collection of 'new uses for old things' post. Although they're all great, the ones that caught my attention were those that are kitchen and food related. For instance, putting rubber bands around your glasses to serve as 'glass grippers' (pictured above). Or using a colander (with a bowl under it) as a ice bucket. That way your cubes don't turn to icy water soup. Another is the Bundt Pan as Corn Holder trick, pictured below. This is for those times when you need to cut the corn from the cob. 

Corn on the cob upright in an angel food cake pan

Or how about this: a drink carrier as a condiment kit. 

Six-pack box used as a condiment holder

To see ALL of the new uses, follow this jump to Real Simple

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