Guess The Knockoff! (And then Make One)

Guess The Knockoff! (And then Make One)

created at: 07/07/2011

Knock offs are great, aren't they? I've noticed, however, they usually go one of two ways. 1. They look just as good as the original or 2. they look almost as good as the original. In this case, I think the knock off looks BETTER than the original, (a print at World Market $129). Now, can you guess which is the original? Take a look at the knock off in situ:   

Painting for the non-artsy 008

The Two Girls used round sponge brushes to make the blossoms. Clever! To see how to make one of these fabulous knock offs yourself, follow this link to Two Girls Being Crafty. 

Spied originally by Knock Off Decor

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