Give a Thrift Store Lamp a DIY Decorative Spirally Update

Images removed at the request of Better Homes and Gardens. Sorry, everyone!

It's no secret that we all have pieces in our homes that we once loved and now are just tired of looking at. Maybe they're tucked away in a closet because we feel guilty about tossing them just yet, or they're still out because you've yet to buy a replacement piece, or maybe they're in the Goodwill pile in your guest room (Guilty.). But sometimes all it takes is a glimmer of potential to renew your love of something. Like, oh, say maybe a plain ceramic lamp.

In this case all it takes is one of Sharpie's oil-based markers for a complete makeover. BAM, an updated lamp base that you've fallen in love with all over again. Sketch out a few practice designs, then pop over to Better Homes and Gardens for the full how-to

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