Redefine Home: Defining a Room

Redefine Home: Defining a Room

We told you about our favorite pieces from Redefine Home, and now it's time to show you how we might use some of them in a room. Inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes, and if you're normally a do-it-yourselfer it's nice to look outside the normal places every once in awhile for sparks in creativity. Visualizing how a room might come together in your mind's eye is key to having all of the right elements in place once everything starts to come together.



  • A few Gaston Seats provide somewhere to rest your bones comfortably and stylishly.


  • The Mathias Coffee Table plays nicely off of the metal in the chairs and adds a homey feel with its worn wood tabletop.
  • Sometimes a table doesn't have to be a table at all. The Faraz Cart sits on casters and can double as a bar cart or something to serve on when you entertain.


  • The Calvin Pendant has such a wide brim, perfect for cozying up under its light with a good book or for conversation.


  • Washed Wood Cubbies are an ideal spot for tucking away bits of life that don't have a designated spot in the house, it would also be the perfect out of the way spot to stash small toys.


  • Joe Wirtheim's Local Green print is reminiscent of victory garden posters of the past, which lends itself well to this space that's not overly masculine or feminine.


We've told you about our room, now tell us about yours – which pieces would go in your ideal space?

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