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Festive Fourth of July Decorations on a Budget!

by on Jun 29, 2011

I’ll be the first to admit that the moment I enter a party store, I kind of lose my mind.  SO MUCH STIMULI!  Nearly irresistible stimuli, too.  In a matter of minutes, my cart might be filled to the brim with seemingly “necessary” decorations, my original game plan (and budget) tossed right out the window.  But there’s a way around this and it starts with a “D”.  

Dollar store!  Sarah Faubus from the blog Boxwood Clippings shares her simple approach to Fourth of July decorating.  A trip to the dollar store yielded patriotic lanterns, stickers, ribbon, and doilies for about $6.  The garland she created herself by attaching the stickers to coordinating ribbon.  Pretty brilliant, I say.

created at: 06/29/2011

For a slightly toned down effect, she also created this beautiful cupcake liner / coffee filter wreath to hang in her neutral toned living room.  It’s absolutely lovely and definitely budget-friendly!  Check out Sarah’s video tutorial for making the wreath right here.

So Curbliers, do you have any tips, suggestions, or clever ideas for 4th of July decorating on a budget?  Share your thoughts in the comments!