How to Make a Colorful Geometric Quilt

How to Make a Colorful Geometric Quilt

I've been wanting to try my hand at a quilting project for a few years now, but the immensity of such an undertaking can be a bit, well, terrifying. When I saw this wedding quilt the Purl Bee gifted her friends, Nicole and Marty, it looked like something simple and geometric that I could both handle and actually like. Right now I'm only in the gather-coordinating-fabrics stage, but read on for the incredibly well laid out tutorial (complete with visuals!).You'll need:


  • 20-30 1/4 yards of quilt weight fabric in a spectrum ranging from bright pink to pale yellow (or any palette you prefer)
  • 3 yards of white


After washing and ironing all of your fabrics you're ready to rock and roll with the full set of instructions. Happy quilting!

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