Make it: Hip Hemp Pendant Lamps

Make it: Hip Hemp Pendant Lamps

The entryway to my home is small, but I love the idea of having some sort of statement piece present. Every space needs a little interest, but because all the real estate I can offer is in ceiling height I'm mainly limited to a killer light fixture. The second I saw this project for hemp pendant lamps I knew I'd found the one to fit my style. And my champagne tastes can rest easy, knowing that I'll be spending less than on a nice dinner out!

After you gather the supplies, it's just a bit of glueing, wrapping, and patience! Crafty Nest has the full tutorial and any specifics you might be looking for, including estimated amounts of hemp needed and more detailed photos.

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JenG on Nov 18, 2011:

I love the idea of using yarn, Thanks!!!


Sarah e on Jun 25, 2011:

I made that! With light aqua yarn :)

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