Make: Clever DIY Cork-Covered Vases & Containers

Make: Clever DIY Cork-Covered Vases & Containers

I've been obsessed with covering something, anything really, in cork ever since seeing a lamp base in a now defunct shelter magazine a few years ago. Who couldn't use a little extra place to pin an important note or photo? Somehow the material manages to fit into any number of decor styles, making it super versatile and useful. Ready to find out how?

All you need for this project are a few aluminum cans of varying sizes, spray paint, a roll of cork, and heavy duty craft glue. Don't forget the pins of your choice either! 

After cleaning and allowing your cans to dry, spray paint on a few light coats (inside and out). Once they're fully dry it's as simple as measuring out the cork, making a few cuts, and applying it to the cans with your glue. No need to stop with cans either – the possibilities are endless! Hop on over to papernstitch for the full how-to.

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