Print It: Free Summer Fruit Labels!

Print It: Free Summer Fruit Labels!

The other day I ate an entire package of raspberries in one sitting (which I suppose is better than a whole can of Pringles, right?).  If you have a little more patience and, you know, actually plan to can, freeze, or gift your garden's fruit, may I suggest printing out these very cute, very FREE downloadable labels and gift tags?  

The always charming and generous Ez Pudewa, from the blog Creature Comforts, has offered up some free, printable summer fruit labels, which you can get right here.  They're perfect for neighborly gift giving or keeping track of your summer harvest in style!

While we're on the topic of summer fruit, which is your favorite??  I have an absolute weakness for any kind of berry, obviously, but to me nothing beats a handful of perfectly ripe blueberries!  Share your faves in the comments!

Thanks for keeping us organized, Ez!

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