There's a Fungus Among...My Lime Tree! What to Do?

There's a Fungus Among...My Lime Tree! What to Do?

I had a busy, rainy last couple of days, and so didn't tend much to my garden, knowing the Mother Nature was taking care of watering it for me. When I went out to check it this morning, I found this in my potted miniature lime tree: some sort of mushroom, which grew quite big in just a few days.

What should I do?  I know that mold and fungi release their spores into the air and try to grow wherever they can, but this is the first fungus I've seen on my block having lived here for two years.

Obviously, I yanked the 'shrooms out, and this could just be a fluke, but I've been tending this tree for three seasons now: caring for it in the summer, letting it live in my bedroom over the winter. (Citrus hasn't been know to do very well in Ohio.) 

Do I need to pull it out and plant in new soil? I worry if I do, I'll shake off all the delicate fruit, and lose the entire production season? 

Advice appreciated. Thanks!

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