Roundup: Sweet DIY Summer Treats

Roundup: Sweet DIY Summer Treats

No one wants to fire up the oven burners when it's in the triple digits. I want to eat raw things, I want to eat cold things, and I want to eat sweet things. (Not necessarily in that order!) But I also like being able to serve my house guests food that I've made with my own two hands, instead of out of a box. See those Klondike bars? Yup, you can make them.

Drumsticks have to be one of the cleanest forms of ice cream. I love that they're self-contained and have that dollop of chocolate in the bottom that acts as a plug!

We used to make chocolate dipped bananas all the time when I was a kid. The fruit takes on an entirely dessert-like texture and you can roll the chocolate in just about any topping before it has a chance to solidify. My favorite? Peanuts.

Your panini press is more versatile than you suspected! Try making your own ice cream cones with a simple batter, pressing them, then gently rolling them into a cone shape with a template. Yum!

Or you can take things a step further by making your own waffle cones. But not just any waffle cones, waffle cones dipped in chocolate. If that's not a show-stopper I don't know what is.

This has to be my favorite. Make your own magic shell! I used to get my cone dipped in this at Dairy Queen just to bite it off, I love it more than the ice cream itself.

Happy summering!

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slippyoink on Jun 17, 2011:

My new favorite is grilled peach halves with goat cheese. I know it's not cold like these you listed, but everyone grills in the summer + it's outside, so you're not adding any heat to your house!

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