Make: Salad Dressing Bottles with Built-In Recipes

Make: Salad Dressing Bottles with Built-In Recipes

I eat a LOT of salads come summertime, there are just too many fresh vegetables and farmers markets out there not to. But I'm a picky one when it comes to dressing. The only bottled varieties that I like are the bad ones – you know, ranch and italian. I like to make my own so that they're at least slightly more healthy, but it can be annoying to have to search through my recipe files when I'm starving. This little trick is bound to shave precious stomach-grumbling moments off of my prep time and keep me from reaching for the rep-made stuff in a pinch.

By marking the recipe directly on the bottle in permanent marker, you can just follow it as you go! Nothing extra to read or clean up either. Just the perfect dressing each and every time. Thanks for the bit of brilliance, Serious Eats!

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Heidi on Jun 18, 2011:

Just keeping the salad dressing in the bottle is a newsflash for me.  The recipe on the side--brillant!

Aidel K on Jun 17, 2011:

I bought a few bottles that had dressing recipes on the side for wedding shower gifts (Target had a great one with a mixer stick in the middle). I never considered making my own--great idea!

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