How to Make a Chandelier

When you think of make-it-yourself projects the first thing that probably DOESN’T pop into your head is ‘chandelier’. Take a look at Angel Chaser’s tutorial and you just might be inspired to rethink your notion of a DIY light fixture. Made from twin-lamp socket adapters fitted with 7.5 watt bulbs, the configurations for the fractal chandelier seem endless.

How to Make a Chandelier

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DIY Maven on Mar 01, 2007:

I bet you could paint those twin-sockets of your fractal chandelier. I'd probably use something like Wilbond on the plastic and then shoot it with spray paint. You'd have to tape off the threads on the bottom and stuff the cavities with something to protect them from over-spray, of course.

Chrisjob on Feb 28, 2007:

I made one of these guys after seeing it in Nava Lubelski's book, and hung it in the dining room. It really isn't bright, and really only works as "mood lighting." I had a hard time looking at it when it wasn't turned on, which was most of the time. Something about the bone color of the sockets and the bright white of the lightbulb made it look very dated.

So, I attached to to an old lamp, and put it on the floor in my music studio/office, behind my crates of records. I turn it on when I'm feeling "vibey", and it does the trick. I went for a more amoebic, organic look than the geometric version in the photo above...(which is bizarre, because our entire home is filled with repeating geometric patterns.)

I wonder if one could paint the sockets without gumming up the electronics, and sealing the lightbulbs to the fixture.

I'm also sort of bummed that Nava Lubelski didn't come up with the idea...Kudos to Angel Chaser.

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