Designer Q&A: Ask Me Anything! (and Win Free Stuff...)

Designer Q&A with Linsi Brownson

Hey everyone, it’s my first time writing here on Curbly so I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Linsi Brownson, I’m an interior designer and owner of the online boutique Redefine HomeToday I’m here for a little designer Q&A session. Send me your questions, anything from how to pair your grandmother’s antique settee with your contemporary home to creative uses for everyday objects. I’ll answer these in a follow up post next week.


Please leave me your question(s) in the comments. Make sure to include a photo (or a link to one) where possible. If I choose your question to the answer next week, Curbly will send you a free copy of all three of their "Make It!" eBooks ($30 value)!

My design philosophy is all about creating a home that is curated rather than decorated.  I believe in filling your space with things that you need and things you love. Everything else is just clutter. And clutter just brings you down, doesn’t it? My goal is to create comfortable, beautiful spaces that inspire you to live the way you want to...I like to call it casual luxury.

Bottle and wire trunk from Redefine Home

I am a passionate designer and shopper and I’m so lucky to have a job where I get to do both! At Redefine Home I’m constantly on the lookout for great design - from unique, well-made furniture to handcrafted décor from talented local artisans. I’m picky, but always open to suggestions…feel free to send me a heads up anytime.

Wire basket from Redefine Home


- Linsi B

Redefine Home - curated, simple, luxurious
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