8 Unique Lemonade Recipes

8 Unique Lemonade Recipes

Lemon juice, water, sugar. We know the drill. But have you ever put lavender in your lemon aid? How about Dijon mustard??? If not, hold on to your undies because we're going to explore some wonderful alternatives to the typical lemon aid stand offerings!

We'll start with the lavender one (pictured above), which, btw, also has mint in it too. Isn't it lovely?? The same link has a lemonade with raspberries recipe too, which is equally pretty.

If you like mint, here's another one featuring mint and ginger from Epicurious.

If the mention of ginger got your attention, here's a Ginger Lemonade option:

If you drool for watermelon, this Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade might just be the ticket:

If you're an adventurous watermelon lover, you might opt for this Watermelon Fennel Lemonade recipe.

Here is a Rosemary-Laced Lemonade Tea. Simple and so, so elegant.

created at: 06/10/2011

As far as that crazy lemonade with Dijon mustard, it's called Spiced Lemonade and it comes to us from--where else?--Grey Poupon. (Note the non-alcoholic version substitution on the left side of the page.)

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