It's Summer: Make a DIY A-Frame Tent!

It's Summer: Make a DIY A-Frame Tent!

School's out for the summer and that means lots of time for little ones to grow restless.  Encourage some old school imaginative play, indoors and out, with this DIY a-frame tent!  

This simple summer project comes from Rubyellen Bratcher, a blogger and one heck of a crafter.  She created this hardware-free, perfectly kid-friendly tent as part of Grosgrain's "free pattern month" - and for that, we thank her!

created at: 06/08/2011

To get the kids involved with this project, I like the idea of letting them choose the fabric.  It's their tent, afterall (of course, I won't tell if you use it as your own retreat)!  Once you've decided on a fabric, it's time to gather the rest of your supplies.


  • 4- 1'' x 2'' x 48'' whitewood moulding
  • 1- 3/4'' x 48'' poplar dowel
  • drill with a 3/4'' spade bit
  • measuring tape
  • pencil (marker)
  • fabric large enough to cover frame (approx. 46'' x 85.5'' un-hemmed; 44'' x 83.5'' hemmed)
  • coordinating thread
  • elastic
  • scissors


Materials at the ready?  Great!  Check out Rubyellen's step-by-step instrucions over on Cakies.

[via Centsational Girl]

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DesigningMom on Jun 09, 2011:

created at: 01/05/2011I'm old enough that most back yards had clothes lines so that's where we made our forts. Ahhhh.... the good old days.

CapreeK on Jun 09, 2011:

DM - I did the same thing as a kid!  Nothing beats the bedroom-turned-fort! :)

DesigningMom on Jun 09, 2011:

Too cute! Kids love tents. This is so much cuter than the ones my son made from sheets draped from every piece of furniture in his room.

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